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Safe Spots Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Safe Spot?

A Safe Spot is a safe and welcoming business, organization or faith-based organization for students to find solace in if and when incidents occur on their way home to and from school.

How do Safe Spots work?

As a Safe Spot within the Safe Passage program, the Safe Spot is a recognizable space that students know they can enter in times of need or emergency. Being a Safe Spot signifies to students, parents, and the community that your business, organization, or faith-based organization is safe and welcoming to students traveling to and from school. Students will be encouraged to utilize Safe Spot if they feel they are being threatened, as a means to avoid confrontation, or if they need help after an incident has occurred.

How will students know if a business is a Safe Spot?

Students will be able to recognize that a particular business or organization is a Safe Spot by the visible Safe Spot sign which will be prominently displayed in a visible area in the front of the business (such as a storefront window or on the front lawn). Additionally, you can find a map of all participating Safe Spots at

What is required of a Safe Spot business or other organization?

Primary Responsibilities as a Safe Spot:

  • Place the Safe Spot sign in a prominent and visible area of your business
  • Allow students to come into your business if an incident occurs or they feel unsafe
  • Provide a working phone (landline or mobile) for students to use
  • Call police or emergency medical staff if needed
  • Check in with the DME if or when incidents occur by completing online form

What is the appropriate response if a student asks for help?

  • Invite them inside your business
  • Ask if they are hurt or if they feel unsafe
  • Contact a family member or 911 depending on the situation